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Available on Windows, created during Global Game Jam 2019, Adelaide (UniSA) site. 

Home Inspectre was created during my third Global Game Jam. I was not able to be on-site for the entire jam, but I was able to contribute a number of useful systems that I will almost certainly re-use in the future.

  •  Dialogue system: a dialogue trigger attached to the conversation initiator, and a sequence of dialogue bubbles (scriptable objects), which appear at a specified offset relative to the speaker - which need not always be the initiator of the conversation.

  •  Pushable object: inherits from the base Interactable class written by Tyler, modifies the player movement state to Pushing  and manipulates the relevant properties depending on how easy an object should be to push/pull

  • Sprite buttons: Implements the Unity UI IPointerDown, IPointerExit, IPointerEnter interfaces and with an EventSystem, StandaloneInputModule in the scene and a Physics Raycaster attached to the camera, allows GameObjects with SpriteRenderer & Box Collider components to be used as buttons.

  • Camera Controller: Has a camera, an offset and a transform as properties, using Vector3.Lerp to move the camera to the position of the target with the specified offset. We used this in our project to move the camera to a menu that was simply placed in world space in the main scene, but it could be used to draw attention to any particular object.

Art & Animation
Vela Noble

Andrew Dunn
Mark Videon
Tyler O'brien

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